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Statues Restoration- we have here four statues from very different materials: carved wood, pewter, alabaster and plaster. The carved wood girl is our all time favourite work. . Return to Restoration Menu

Statue Statue Original

Statue Progress

Statue Complete

  When we got her she was over painted with automotive paint which was baked onto her and was not responding to any solvent. We had to clean her mechanically using several burrs(electrical tools used by dentists) millimeter by millimeter. Luckily we found her original skin colour under her armpit. She is ready, got her colour back and after researching we added the colours and patterns of her dress. she was a beautifully carved statue, a true masterpiece of some unknown master.
Pewter Statue of a Flower Girl Bronze statue before Bronze Statue After Picture 1- The statue before restoration. The right arm is missing and the applied patina has worn off and the pewter is showing on the base.

Picture 2- After the restoration. We modelled the arm holding a bunch of flowers, had it cast and soldered in position. Spray painted the new parts to match original colour.
  Picture 1 Picture 2  
Alabaster Statue Alabaster Statue Before Alabaster Statues base in pieces .Alabaster Statue After
  The statue without its base. The female figure lost almost all of its fingers. Note the block of alabaster glued to the kneeling male left ring finger awaiting carving. The base of the statue in parts. It came in this condition, the plaster- holding the parts together- gave way; probable cause the statue getting wet. The finished restoration. The statue is back on its base. Note the fingers of the female and the kneeling male figure.
Standing Male Figure in Plaster Plaster Statue Before

Plaster Statue After

Picture 1- The statue had been dropped and the elbow was damaged along with a large crack opening up on the right hand side. There is damage on the base as well.

Picture 2- The statue after the restoration.

  Picture 1 Picture 2  

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