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General Restoration- we have the skills and dedication to restore a wide variety of antiques and objet d'art. Please select one of our restorations below for further details.
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Spanish Alter Alter Before Alter in progress

Alter- Complete

  Condition before restoration.It came to us in pieces with many of its profiles missing. A huge rusty nail was driven through the chest of God in the main panel probably to hold the board in place as it was split in two. The whole paint work was dirty and peeling.

It shows the feature board depicting God has been already conserved, the peeling paint stabilized and the missing areas filled; half of the painting cleaned. Click here for further images

This is the alter after restoration. All missing profiles had been replaced, the entire paintwork cleaned and repaired, missing areas re-painted, the altar assembled. Note the vivid colours of the egg tempera.
Gilded Column Capital Column Before Column in progress Column After
  This is how the column looked before the restoration. Note the proportions! the layers of leaves had been pushed up to accommodate the black base which should be under the column not around it. We removed and numbered all the parts of the column. We restored them all individually. The finished and assembled column. Note the correct placement of the base and the leaves! The proportion looks just right this time.
Royal Sled Sled Before Sled After Picture 1-The sled before the restoration.The picture were covered in thick yellowed varnish .All gilt carvings were over painted with darkened gold paint and the two handles were missing

Picture 2-
After the cleaning of the pictures(4 ) we were surprised and delighted by the vivid colours and all the details which were obscured before. We re-gilt the carvings using schlagmetal and slightly aged them to give them more definition.
  Picture 1 Picture 2  

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