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Furniture Restoration- we have the skills and dedication to restore a wide variety of furniture, ranging from exquisite Boulle cabinets, to gilded consoles, and intricately painted tables. Please select one of our restorations below for further details. Return to Restoration Menu

Early Console Table Console Table Before- Detail Console Table During Restoration

Console Table After Restoration

  This detail is part of an early console table with the later addition of walnut veneer. It was part of a display cabinet which was later added to the top. The earlier restorers also added a carved Italian baroque angel face to the centre of the console which we removed and repaired the carving to its original condition.

This photo is a close up of the centre of the console showing the original gilt finish and the areas where they cut out the carving to accommodate the new centre piece. The picture also shows that the gilding had been cleaned. The solvent had dissolved parts of the varnish on the veneer (the veneer was later gently sanded after the repair of the missing centre).
During restoration. All the white areas are gesso, covering the repairs. Note the centre of the veneer had been added and the carving has been done. The console after the restoration. All water and oil-gilding completed and aged to match the original look.
Gilt and painted settee Settee Before Sertee After Picture 1-The cleaning has already started on the back-see back of legs- There was too much black paint applied very thickly which covered up the fine details of the magnificent carving. Note the new timber over the top of the back leg.

Picture 2- After the restoration there are more crisp details visible. We applied water and oil-gilding and repainted the main figures.
  Picture 1 Picture 2  
Blue Painted Table Detail of pre restored table Blue Table pre restoration

Completed table


  This is the before restoration condition; the peeling paint left the timber exposed The white patches are the new gesso where
we filled in the missing bits.
Here is the finished restoration: the blue back ground had been repainted and we touched up the polychrome floral decorations
Gilded Console Console Table Prior to Restoration Console Table After Restoration Picture 1- This picture shows the cleaned console; we only found traces of the original gilding. The front leg on the right side has gesso on it , which is the next step.

Picture 2- This is the finished restoration. After we added several layers of gesso and sanded it back , we applied red bole under the areas where the water gilding was to go. Next we had to sand and polish the bole and applied the 24 K gold leaves then polished it with agate tools. Next we applied oil gilding for the rest of the foliage. After all the gilding was finished we protected the gold with varnish and painted the background creamy white .We added water based frosting to create a chalky finish.
  Picture 1 Picture 2  
Boulle Cabinet Boulle Cabinet Before Boulle Cabinet After Picture 1- This is the before restoration condition.The door hinge was broken, several brass inlays were missing, the brass mountings had lost their gold and were badly tarnished underneath. The black ebonized surface were scratched and dented.

Picture 2- This is the finished restoration. We made new hinge for the door, cleaned and gold plated all the brass mountings, replaced all the missing brass line works and repaired the ebonized surfaces by building up the black paint . We applied protective varnishing.
  Picture 1 Picture 2  
Boulle Tables Boulle Table Before

Table Top Progress

Boulle Table After

  This is the before restoration picture and shows the top is in the worth condition where many of the brass inlays were loose and bent, large areas were missing and were filled up and painted with gold paint.There were small missing tortoiseshell pieces on the legs. The red colour looks vivid in contrast to the tarnished brass. This is the top of another Boulle table where the difference is clearly visible between the before and after condition. This is why Boulle furniture can not be repaired in patches or parts as there is huge difference in the colour of the polished and the tarnished brass.Notice, the brass had been removed for cleaning so the timber edge of the table is visible. This is the finished table from Picture 1. Note, the red appear much more settle, not as bright as on the first picture. All mountings had been cleaned and varnished.The tortoiseshell bits had been replaced and the missing brass inlay re-cut and re-glued. The new brass parts were engraved to match the rest of the table.The fine floral pattern came back to life.
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