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Frame Restoration- three very different frames out of the hundreds we have restored.
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Gilt Neo-classic frame Neoclassical frame after cleaning neoclassical frame during

Neoclassical frame restored

  The cleaning has been done on the frame, the damage to the egg and dart and the bay leaf motives is clearly visible. The entire raw of pearls are missing, the silhouettes of them can be seen between the two patterns. The picture shows all the repair work is done; the frame is ready for water and oil-gilding. The completed work.
Carved Dutch Oak Frame Dutch Frame in Pieces Dutch Frame After Picture 1-This Dutch oak frame was kept outside and the glue has disintegrated. The timber is badly discoloured and bleached by the UV rays of the sun. Parts of the structure were missing.

Picture 2- After the restoration. The frame has been structurally strengthened; the missing parts were carved using aged oak, We used oak stain to recolour the frame and added several layers of shellac to protect the timber. Dark wax was used to fill grains and to give the final shine.
  Picture 1 Picture 2  
Gilded Frame Frame Before Frame After

Picture 1-This is an 18th century Italian “Florentine”frame taken apart and cleaned.It needed structural strengthening, gluing back broken carvings, carving missing decoration ,gessoed, and gilt and re-assembled.

Picture 2- The frame is ready; after the restoration we recreated the original patina.

  Picture 1 Picture 2  

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