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At Inhof Restoration & Design we have been restoring and designing picture and mirror frames for Sydney Dealers and the general public for 20 years. This selection represents only the most important and interesting frames we have created during this period.

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If you have an existing frame, or a picture of one that you like, we can produce a frame that replicates both its design and finish.

In creating our frames, we use traditional methods, and where possible, traditional materials
(for example rabbit skin glue, and composite etc). The finishes available are: water gilding, oil gilding, wood graining, and other painted finishes such as faux tortoiseshell, marbling and other techniques.

The price of our frames depends on the size of the frame, the chosen profile, and the required finish. Every frame we create is individual, and has to match its painting or mirror. To accurately quote the price of your frame, we need the above information, and therefore it is necessary to make an appointment with you to discuss your requirements. To make an appointment, please call us on 02 9807 4738, and Attila or Cecilia Inhof would be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Dutch Renaissance 2 Renaissance 1/A Renaissance 1/B
Louis XIV Style Maratta Neo-Classical 1 Neo-Classical 2
Neo-Classical 3 Neo-Classical 4 Neo-Classical 5 Empire 1
Empire 2 Empire 3 Reverse Casetta 2 Reeded


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