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Clock Restoration-
we have the experience and professionalism to restore the casings of precious antique clocks, ranging from ornate 'French-style' masterpieces, to the traditional favourite- the Grandfather Clock. Casing finishes we can restore include Boulle and inlay work, and Chinoisorie decoration. Return to Restoration Menu

Boulle-style clock
Boulle Clock Before Boulle Clock Base Before Boulle Clock After Boulle Clock Base After
The clock before restoration. The mountings are blackened, the inlays are faded (Silver especially black). Brass is lifting only the mountings are holding it in place. The bow is missing from the hand of the cello player. The base before restoration. The mountings are blackened, the inlays are faded. Brass is lifting. The clock after the restoration. The mountings had been cleaned and re-gilt, the brass sheets had been glued down, the bow had been made and placed in the hand of the player. The entire surface had been polished and varnished. The base after the restoration. The mountings had been re- gilt and the brass sheets glued back down, the brass sheets had been glued down. The entire surface had been polished and varnished.
Bracket clock with vernis Martin decoration
Painted Carriage Clock before Painted Carriage Clock After
Before the restoration. The flowers are over painted, the base is peeling and there are some broken brass mountings. After the restoration. Note the bright colours and the repaired brass mountings.
French Clock
French Clock Before French Clock After
This is the condition before we touched the clock. All intricate pieces of inlay were discoloured. Later we found out it had silver,pewter and mother of pearl inlays. Many smaller parts were missing. After the replacement of all the missing inlays and re-polishing the surface. We cleaned the brass mountings and varnished them to protect from patination. The clock face is looking slightly milky, this was caused by the domed glass over it. Note in picture No:1 the glass was removed so the beautiful enamel of the face is clearly visible
Swedish Clock

Swedish Clock unfinished


Swedish Clock Restored


The case had a typical Scandinavian shape. The red line works are red shellac waiting to be gilt.. The owner of the clock wanted Chinoiserie decoration on it which we designed and painted. Finally we aged the whole clock with oil based glaze, giving it a mellowed older appearance.
Chinoiserie Grandfather Clock
Clock base BeforeClock Base restored

Clock restored
The picture on the left shows that the base of the clock was rotten and needed replacement. The colour looked black with all the accumulated dirt and discoloured varnish. The picture on the right shows the body of the clock after it was cleaned. To our utter surprise we found a lovely olive green colour under all the dirt. After some research we completed the design on the base. The whole clock after the restoration , it is still looking dark from afar but close up the green colour is discernible.

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